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    Poetry Review v 60 #2 Summer 1969 A Mixed Bag (Brian Patten, Georges Bataille, B. Cole, Holzer, Vianello, O'Shaugnessy)
Poetry Review v 60 #3 Autumn 1969 Prose/Poetry Symbiosis (Nathaniel Tarn, David Harsent, Brian Jones, Whigham)
Poetry Review v 60 #4 Winter 1969 Frostflowers, Wire Monkeys, Valuable Baubles, Affable Crags (Lerner, McGough, Henry Graham, Alan Jackson)
Poetry Review v 61 #1 Spring 1970 Muses & mechanisms (Holbrook, Macbeth,Wain, Sexton, S. Montgomery)
Poetry Review v 61 #2 Summer 1970 Bone Power & Black Mountain Blues (Edward Dorn, Christopher Middleton)
Poetry Review v 61 #3
Poetry Review v 61 #4 Winter 1970/ Men of two Worlds (Allen Ginsberg, Nigel Dennis, Barry Cole, Wagoner, Hugo Williams)