In suspense
All easy joys destroyed, safety
Gutted like Troy, on altar steps
Strewn bags of flesh faintly stirring
The sheathed swords tinkle far away
Like clouds sweet white faces flock around me
Smiling their flourescent smiles
Like barbed wire accordeon cheer tightens into me
A barbaric apathy quietly gnaws the marrow of my skull

I clutched a comet and she seared my hand
My fingers, cut to kindling, blaze
Could I pursue your elliptical orbit, vainly,
Yoked to your chariot, triumphant encumbrance, my mouth showering
sand as a medium’s ectoplasm
But heavily atrophy sculpts me
My vague smile in her November sky

Adamant at eve O sad and shooting star
O my nomadic lares, marble mother, lost sheep, evanescent companion

Should you lean on me briefly should I dissolve
As soft grey seamist lost over long slow waves

Mistily our scars would twinkle in the hieroglyphs of our cryptic and
idiosyncratic serenity
Your wounds would open up again and sing

Waiting patiently smiling monument vainly aiming at outlasting the
chill and stealthy wind of nights near nothing
The stars like our distended pulses throbbing as I loom pinned to the
sky of your album
Cool calm and collected co-determinous with emptiness
Expectant as chaos with desire

Published in Southern Review Vol IV, No 4 - 1971