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    AMERICAN FILM Nov 1981 How Others See Us (Ugly Americans or Innocents Abroad?)
AMERICAN FILM May 1983 Art for Films' Sake (Production Design)
AMERICAN FILM June 1983 Books: Occupation & Resistance: The Birth of a Critical Aesthetic (Bazin)
AMERICAN FILM April 1984 Books: The Elements of Cinema: Toward A Theory of Cinesthetic Impact (Scharff)
AMERICAN FILM Oct 1984 Books: Kino-Eye; The Writings of Dziga-Vertov (Annette Michelson)
AMERICAN FILM June 1985 The Big Picture: (Ans to Questionnaire)
AMERICAN FILM Nov 1985 The Ploughman's Just Desserts LINK (NEW)
AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE EDUCATION NEWSLETTER V 4 #4 March-April 1981 Towards Practical Criticism