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    Cinema v 2 #5 Mar-Apr 1965 The Serial Rides Again
Highbrow Glossy, Beverly Hills, L.A.
(+ Paul Schrader) The Family Tree of Film Noir...
Cambridge University, England:
Cinema #1 Dec 1968 Symbols & Modesty Blaise (Joseph Losey) LINK
Cinema #2 March 1969 Spies & Ideologies
Cinema #3 June 1969 Brain Drains, Avant-Gardes & Kitchen Sinks
Cinema #4 Oct 1969 Critics' Choice (10 Great Auteurs)
Cinema #6/7 Aug 1970 Paint it Black: The Family Tree of The Film Noir
Cinema #8 1971 Oddballs, Misfits & Dreamers (Préverts)