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    FILM COMMENT Jan-Feb 1973 An Evening with Meyer and Masoch:
Aspects of Vixen and Venus In Furs
FILM COMMENT Mar-Apr 1973 Film Favorites: Raymond Durgnat on Bells Are Ringing
FILM COMMENT May-June 1973 Apologia & Auto-Critique
FILM COMMENT July-Aug 1973 King Vidor Part 1
FILM COMMENT Sept-Oct 1973 King Vidor Part 2
FILM COMMENT Jan-Feb 1974 Oh Lucky Man, or the Adventures of a Clockwork Cheese LINK
FILM COMMENT Mar-Apr 1973 Mth Marilyn Monroe LINK
FILM COMMENT July-Aug 1974 The Milky Way
FILM COMMENT Sept-Oct 1974 Tristana
FILM COMMENT Nov-Dec 1974 The Family Tree of Film Noir
FILM COMMENT Jan-Feb 1975 (Correction to Above)
FILM COMMENT May-June 1975 Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie LINK (NEW)
FILM COMMENT July-Aug 1975 Populism & Social Realism
FILM COMMENT July-Aug 1976 British Cinema from Anger to Angst
FILM COMMENT May-June 1977 The Great British Phantasmagoria LINK (NEW)
FILM COMMENT Sept-Oct 1975 (pseudonym Greg Palokane)
Books: Sexual Alienation in the Cinema
FILM COMMENT Jan-Feb 1976 Borowczyk & the Cartoon Renaissance LINK (NEW)
FILM COMMENT July-Aug 1976 Britannia Waives the Rules LINK (NEW)
FILM COMMENT May-June 1977 The British Phantasmagoria
FILM COMMENT July-Aug 1977 Hawks Isn't Good Enough
FILM COMMENT Mar-Apr 1976 Durgnat vs Paul
FILM COMMENT July-Aug 1978 (+ David Ehrenstein & Jonathan Rosenbaum; Obscure Objects of Desire Books: Charles Barr's Ealing Studios
FILM COMMENT July-Aug 1980 From Caligari to "Hitler"
FILM COMMENT Sept-Oct 1980 + Scott Simmon: Six Creeds That Won the Western
FILM COMMENT Nov-Dec 1981 European Skin Games
FILM COMMENT May-June 1990 Michael Powell: Prisoner in a Quota- Quickie Factory
FILM COMMENT Nov-Dec 1990 The Long Take in Voyage to Cythera: Brecht & Marx vs Bazin & God LINK (NEW)
FILM COMMENT Jan-Feb 1997 If the “Punishment” Fits (Hitchcock & Feminisms)
FILM COMMENT May-June 1999 Bresson Career Symposium: Pickpocket
FILM COMMENT 2000 (with Richard Combs) Dogme 95
FILM COMMENT July-Aug 2001 (with Richard Combs) Shakespeare – the Chaos Theory