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    MIDI-MINUIT FANTASTIQUE No 7 Sept 1963 Lettre d'Angleterre (Day of the
Triffids, Tales of Terror, Panic in Year Zero
MIDI-MINUIT FANTASTIQUE No 8 Jan 1964 Petit Courrier des lecteurs (The Sound of his Horn (novel), Merrill's Marauders)
MIDI-MINUIT FANTASTIQUE No 9 July 1964 Lettre de Londres (TV, Jason & the Argonauts, The Raven, From Russia with Love, Unearthly Stranger, Black Zoo, Vengeance, The Terror, Diary of a Madman, Kiss of the Vampire, Evils of Chinatown)
MIDI-MINUIT FANTASTIQUE No 10/11 Hiver 1964-65. Lettre de Londres (King Kong vs Godzilla, From the Earth to the Moon, House on Bare Mountain, City of the Dead, Children of the Damned, Night Must Fall, Evil of Frankenstein)